Here Are 4 Little-Known Secrets to Build an MLM Business Using Facebook Advertising

About a month ago I was looking for new ways to generate more leads for my network marketing business. For many years I would purchase ad spots on Google, also know as pay per click or PPC. These ad spots were very targeted, but I just needed even more targeted.I then began to study Facebook and the advantages its has over Google when it comes to buying ad space. The concept is still the same. You buy ad spots and on the right hand side of Google are the ads. Facebook also uses this same model. But the big difference is the ability to laser focus your attention on a very small, targeted group.Think about all the data you enter into your Facebook profile? And then think about all the groups you have joined. All this information is available to the advertiser. This is something Google could never do. The most targeted you can get on Google is to search for keywords. These keywords are all the data you have on the your potential prospects.There are a few secrets you can use to help you get the most bang for you buck. Its important that you follow a few key principles when using Facebook advertising. If you don’t, then you can lose a ton of money.1. External URL with Keyword in the HeadlineYou have 2 options with Facebook advertising. Either send the traffic to your fanpage, or send it all to a lead capture page. I recommend you send all your traffic to an external URL, or lead capture page. And on that page always put in the keyword your trying to target. Since we are in MLM and looking for other network marketers. We can target other MLM companies. Add in the MLM company name, in the headline, on the lead capture page. If you are using a system, then you can add in the sr1= tag to the end of the URL. This will place a keyword on your lead capture pages.2. Keyword in the Headline.Always ask a question in your headline and add in the keyword you trying to target. Are you struggling in ____? The question gets people’s attention. And the keyword will make them really want to see what you have going on.3. Picture and keyword in descriptionGet really creative with your add. A picture will help you get others to take notice of your add. Facebook advertising really is about getting others to stop what they are doing on Facebook and look at your ad. Once you get them to your ad, you can suck them into your description and picture. Your description will have the same keyword from the headline.4. Zero in your TargetThe most important part of Facebook advertising is to laser target your ads. Since there is so much data on individual users it only makes sense to target who you want. Narrow down your target and get a list of less than 5,000. This can be only men, in new york, single, and who are interested in the movie Rudy. The more focused you get the better chance your ads are going to be cheap and make you a profit.With all this new traffic you built using your new Facebook advertising, what are you going to do with it? Its time to generate Free Leads that you can use in your business.

How Facebook Advertising Can Effect Your Business

Facebook advertising is a very powerful marketing tool that can be utilized by anybody. It is open to everyone who is willing to get into business social networking. Using Facebook ads is an efficient way of getting some exposure over the internet marketplace and many business owners have already proven that. Through the proper use of Facebook ads, a considerable increase in customer-base and sales can be observed.So, do you run a business of your own? If yes, then don’t let yourself get left behind. Here are some of the best practices you can do in getting the best results out of Facebook advertising.Of course, the first thing to do is creating your Facebook ad. Think of a catchy title for your ad, something that’s 25-character long including spaces. Then, type the content for the body of your advertisement. For this part, 135 characters is the limit for the length including spaces. To make your ad more appealing, it is best that you upload an image that perfectly suits the message you are conveying in your ad. Following that, you will be asked whether you want people to be redirected to your own webpage or to a Facebook page, application, group or event. In addition to that, you will also have the chance to precisely target your audience by age, gender, location and more.Basically, those comprise the simple steps of creating Facebook ads. But as you are in the process of doing so, you need to keep in mind what your advertising goal is. What do you want to focus more on: getting traffic to your Facebook page/own webpage or making your ad visible to as many users as possible?If driving traffic to your page is more important, then opting for a pay-per-click ad is recommended. This way, you can be sure that your ad is highly targeted to the most relevant and appropriate audience. But for this to be possible, you need to have a landing page which can either be your Facebook fan/group page or a separate webpage of your own.If making your brand/company’s name easily recognizable is of higher importance, the better choice is pay-per-impression type of ads. By opting for this type of Facebook ads, it means that your goal is to have as many users as possible see your ad.Another good practice in Facebook advertising is keyword targeting. Using keywords is a powerful way of narrowing down the target audience of your ad to Facebook users who share interests that best correlate with what you offer.Users prefer ads that are simple. As much as possible, create your ad in a manner that is simple and easy to read. Steer away from long sentences and complex punctuations. Instead, stick to short yet precise sentences that are grammatically correct and properly punctuated. By doing so, your ad becomes more direct, hence more efficient.Last but not the least, it is important that you always put yourself in the shoes of your targeted audience in creating ads in business social networking sites such as Facebook. Remember that in Facebook business, just like in any kind of venture, the convenience of users, who may be your customers later on, is top priority.Seeing that Facebook is now the number one social networking site, engaging in Facebook business truly comes with a lot of benefits. You just need to be sure that you are doing the right practices in order to make your Facebook advertising experience really worth your while.

3 Effective Facebook Advertising Tips For Promoting Business On Facebook

There are many ways and various places to advertise on the Internet. Social networking like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter is a great way to build relationship with people and generate targeted traffic to your business. Facebook, particular platform that’s gaining momentum really fast, has become the No.1 networking site ahead of MySpace. Many people on Facebook are interested in every little niche, which means there’s a market for everything here. Make sure you include Facebook advertising tips in your online campaign.The first of Facebook advertising tips is that you need to know how to create Facebook account. You had better keep your profile simple because your purpose here is not to bust your business but to build relationship with people. You should not try to be someone else, just be yourself because it’s the important key when advertising on Facebook. When marketing your business on Facebook, discretion is very important for you, you should not post about your business all the time. You need to let people know about you before advertising your business to them.The second of Facebook advertising tips you need to consider is to test your ads. It is crucial for you is to separate their ads by gender. You should do that because men and women will generally click on different types of ads. It’s a big mistake for anyone who ignores this step; not testing your ads means no increase in the effectiveness of your ads. Doing well at this tip, you will find out that not only do men and women respond differently, but the price is different as well.Creating your interactive landing page on Facebook is also one of Facebook advertising tips that you should take consideration into when promoting your business on Facebook. It’s not difficult to carry out that advertising campaign; moreover, you don’t have to take much of an effort to do so. The response may be slow or really fast as it depends on how well your ad is crafted and the kind of market you’re targeting. Keep learning, expanding your knowledge, and then get involved and get working on it. It’s very essential for you to write, give meaningful information to people, and gently request them to share their views on it. Of course, you should also share your views on their profiles and notes. Keep being positive because a positive attitude attracts winners to you.If you want to advertise your business effectively, Facebook is the place that you can’t ignore. With 3 Facebook advertising tips in this article, you can think of your own effective marketing strategy to change your business forever.