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Jay Kubassek Carbon Copy Pro Reviewed

Jay Kubassek is all over the internet. He’s the leader of the Internet Home Business System called Carbon Copy Pro. If you’ve been researching online home based businesses for any reasonable length of time, you have probably seen the ads from Jay Kubassek and the thousands of Carbon Copy Pro promoters.

In this review of Jay Kubassek and his Carbon Copy Pro system you’re probably looking to learn if carbon copy pro is just another online scam designed to line the pockets of Jay Kubassek and leave “suckers” in it’s wake… or, you wonder if it’s a legitimate home based business that you can plug into and make some money in. We’re going to talk about the most important and critical factors about Jay Kubassek and the Carbon Copy Pro system and then we’re going to share some valuable information with you that most CCPRO promoters leave OUT of all their webinars, videos and web sites but that YOU need to know if you’re serious about being successful in the online home based business industry.

 Let’s start with Jay. Jay Kubassek is one of the top marketers in his primary company names Wealth Masters International. Jay has been around this arena for years and before coming over the promote WMI, he was one of the top marketers of Liberty League International, another direct sales home business program. Now, Kubassek’s Carbon Copy Pro system is not THE “business opportunity” being sold by it’s distributors. Carbon Copy Pro is the “Marketing System” that people use to ultimately sell memberships in Wealth Masters International, which is a company that offers a collection of financial education, self development and health/wellness products, seminars and exclusive conferences.

“Wealth Masters International is one of the most popular home based direct sales business opportunities, directly as a result of the success that Carbon Copy Pro has had in selling it. Indeed, CCPRO was designed as a reaction to the success of another powerful internet marketing system which launched in the Summer of 2007, the Reverse Funnel System. The RFS was so compelling and effective at closing sales that many marketers from WMI were leaving in order to promote the program and system that was converting sales faster (Reverse Funnel).

Jay then partnered with a vastly successful online based home business marketer, Mike Dillard and they teamed up to build the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system and “business in a box.” At it’s beginning, Kubassek’s CCPRO was lacking in many areas and was seen by many of the industry’s top marketers as “The Jay Kubassek Show”, which is to say, it was primarily designed to have other reps promoting Jay… and that’s exactly what it did… However, to the credit of the leaders and Jay Kubassek himself, in time, they improved the system in all areas while other systems fell by the wayside. Things were different with Jay Kubassek and his team of leaders. They listened. They adjusted and they improved and built a reputation of not settling for anything short of excellence, and Carbon Copy Pro continued to churn out sales and attract marketers from all over the world.

A quick look in this industry and Jay Kubassek’s CCPRO can be found ALL OVER THE NET. And that of course brings out dissenters and people opposed to the system. There are more than a few people who claim that this system “is a scam” or that Jay Kubassek is a scam artist or con-man, but that’s a very exaggerated, ignorant and strategically coordinated “bash marketing” program in itself as nothing could be further from the truth. Jay Kubassek’s Carbon Copy Pro is merely a marketing system, and like all online or offline marketing systems, the ability of the marketer to actually MARKET with competence is what makes “it work” or not work well. The marketing ability of lack of marketing ability of the actual marketer using the system is what is important.

But here’s what is left off of the Carbon Copy Pro sales page and almost ANY other home business program’s sales page: The fact that your ability and COMPETENCE to market well will always be YOUR OWN responsibility and it will always be THE determining factor for success or failure in ANY TYPE of sales and marketing career or business. The most important set of skills that you will EVER cultivate is YOUR OWN independent knowledge of sales and marketing. The overwhelming majority of marketers and entrepreneurs are clearly NOT skilled or developed enough in the areas of Marketing Skills, Leadership Skills and Personal Growth/Confidence to successfully build these programs like others do.

But as an independent entrepreneur, you have to understand that unless you really have the burning desire to do what it takes to learn to BECOME the type of entrepreneur who can achieve great success and excellence, it definitely will NOT happen. You must be willing to have the courage to accept fully that the sole responsibility for your success or for your failure rests squarely on YOUR shoulders. It’s ALL ON YOU and it’s childish and ignorant to blame others or systems or programs. That is the land of failure and amateurs.

Success will happen for you precisely when you believe it will and you must believe it will with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. And this must happen WAY BEFORE you see or have ANY “proof” that it will or won’t happen for you. You have to manufacture CERTAINTY in results that are just not there yet. And you have to build a skill set, level of KNOWING and the confidence and discipline that creates the rituals, or the habits of taking the correct actions in your marketing to get results.

 The good news is this…

 Precisely because the vast majority of people choose to deny this truth, the window, the door and the sunroof of opportunity is wide open for you… IF … you choose to NOT deny this simple truth. The most important thing you can take from this review of Jay Kubassek and the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system is that in order for you to duplicate the success of other top producers, and in order for you to build a strong and profitable home based business, you absolutely must continue to always seek real training, mentoring, personal development and marketing skills and education so that you can leverage that information and experience into the actions required of success.

Then, you methodically calm yourself and TEACH YOURSELF HOW TO MARKET like the master marketers do and you don’t stop growing and improving in your craft until you reach the level of success that you desire. And you practice your craft consistently in the real market place. That is the secret to success in the home based business industry. You see, Jay Kubassek is NOT a scam. Carbon Copy Pro is NOT a scam. That type of talk is utter and complete NONSENSE.

What Jay Kubassek did is he learned REAL marketing skills that produce desired results and he took what worked for him personally and REPLICATED it into a system so that marketers would not have to reinvent the wheel to get his results. It’s really that simple. Jay learned to cultivate effective marketing and leadership skills and he also leveraged that to build an unshakable CONFIDENCE IN HIMSELF. YOU have that same power. You have that same exact potential at your own fingertips RIGHT NOW. And we’re NOT talking about CCPRO.

Your secret is to never stop learning and always be even more diligent in applying those skills that you learn. Study many of the masters in this industry. Buy up all the courses and information that you can on any marketing related topic and become “obsessed” with learning and mastering these skill sets. Find a mentor who you resonate with and model them. Once you begin down that road you’ll be able to step in and use any of the marketing systems that are in the market place and you’ll be prepared to see success with ANY of them, because you’ll know the truth… YOUR marketing skills, leadership skills and CONFIDENCE will be sure to MAKE THEM PRODUCE RESULTS.