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Vega Baja of Puerto Rico

The Vega Baja is one city in Puerto Rico that has great history. The history of this city is about the happe, their flag, their coat of arms, and excellent tourist attraction. This historical city is known as the “La Ciudad del Melao Melao” or the syrup city established in October 3, 1776. The city was founded by Antonio Viera and named the city “Vega baxa del Naranjal de Nuestra del Rosario. The Vega Baja is a city in north central Puerto Rico situated in northern coast, north of Morovis, east of Manati, and Vega Alta on the west.

The city has Vega Baja Pueblo and 13 wards. The one of the rivers that carves the fertile lands is Cibuco. The Taino Indians are the people lived in the area of the rivers. The Taino Indians preferred to live in the river for there are some benefits that can get from the river though the river is always experiencing floods due to seasonal rains. The reefs is believed to be used by the people for spear fishing and for their daily activities for there are Taino cravings found on the exposed reefs in the area of the Cibuco river like the carving of portraying fish and some fish shape carving.

The city’s flag is made on yellow cloth and crossed by a green band, which the fertile valley and river is related to the band. The coat of arms is designed with v-shaped green band that has silver roses and three oranges trees with gold fruits. It has also five tower crown on the superior part silver-plated with green and black. The Vega Baja is also good in terms of tourism. The city has many tourist attraction to be offered like, the beautiful church designed with a arched ceiling on the Plaza de Recreo José F.

Nater, the City Hall with inimitable design, the Teatro Fenix, and the excellent historical plaque that represents the industry and figures behind Vega Baja. The Case de Cultura y Turismo Carmen Gonzales Santiago and the Museu de Arte Casa Alonso are also beautiful attraction in the city. The museu and the Casa Cultura y Turismo is a perfect place for tours. The history of the Vega Baja really gives interesting and educational information. The city really has lots of tourist attraction to offer, which can be a perfect place for tour or even vacation.